Monday, July 30, 2007

She's a flipflopper

In 1993, Kirstie Alley was asked if she would ever do a Cheers reunion (isn't that a tad bit early to be asking the same year the show ended??) Her reply, "Never. I don´t go back. my opinion about reunion shows is that they are so audiences can go, ´Gee, they look 10 years older.´ Well, duh, hello, it has been 10 years!"

In 2005, when asked by USA weekend, her reply was, "There isn't one that I know of in the works. But I would die to do one!" Alley shrieks enthusiastically. "My ideal would be to do a reunion show but act like we've all worked there the last 12 years. Not have it be a special, just an episode. That's what I would love -- with us all still losers working at "Cheers." They need to do that. Wouldn't that be fun?"

What I'm wondering is why the change of attitude?? Does 12 years of not doing a show like Cheers make a huge difference? Isn't this the same person who never appeared on Frasier, labeling her as the only living castmember from Cheers not to appear on Frasier. Granted that was because she has a thing against psychiatrists, but still.

A definite flipflopper.

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