Monday, May 28, 2007


The man I thought wouldn't die for a long time has passed away.

R.I.P. Charles Nelson Reilly :(
You will be missed.

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Still waiting...

The time between Gilligan's Island ending and the first reunion: 11 years

The time between The Facts of Life ending and their reunion: 13 years

The time between Growing Pains ending and the first reunion: 8 years

What's wrong with this picture? All these reunions took place SOONER than Cheers.

So far it's 14 years and still waiting on a reunion. Please let it be soon!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Fourth Season

So I got Cheers Season 4 from the library on Monday and I finished watching all the episodes today. Great writing. Great sexual tension.

Episodes that stick out to me:
-Birth, Death, Love, and Rice
-Woody Goes Belly Up
-Diane's Nightmare
-From Beer To Eternity
-Don Juan Is Hell
-Fools And Their Money
-The Triangle
-Dark Imaginings
-Fear Is My Co-Pilot
-Diane Chambers Day

Great Quotes
Frasier: Do you know that in soccer when a player kicks at the ball, misses, and falls down, it’s now called a Frasier?
Sam: That could be a coincidence.
Frasier: If he knocked cold, it’s called a Frasier Crane.

Sam to Diane in the convent: Well I swore I would never tell you this like ever but I guess maybe because we’re never going to see each other again but you know you always used to accuse me of being an unromantic slob but you wanna know the truth? When you called me to tell me you were marrying Frasier, I flew on a plane to Italy to stop the wedding. I guess I thought I was in love with you and that you and I should be married. Not that I feel that way now but I just thought you oughta know that. Have a good life. Bye.

Sam: She told me not to touch it [the book], I touched it, and now it’s fat.

(after Frasier tells them that they truly love each other)
Diane: What’s next?
Sam: If this is hell, I’m not that unhappy.
Diane: Then we agree on something else.

Justice of the Peace: (during Frasier and Candi's wedding ceremony) If there is any person present who knows a reason why this couple should not be united, speak now or forever hold your peace.
Diane: I do.
Frasier: Right phrase, wrong wedding.

Sam: (musing about the possibility of him asking Diane to marry him) What would your answer be?
Diane: Ah, no, Sam, that's the sort of question that has to be asked before it can be answered.
Sam: Well, if I heard the answer, maybe it would be easier for me to ask the question.
Diane: Very well. The answer's no.
Sam: Well then the question was, "Have you ever met a man who gave you the hots more than me?"
Diane: I'd like to change my answer.
Sam: Fine, fine.
Diane: Then the answer is yes.
Sam: Well then the question was, "Do you want to go to bed with me?”
Diane: I want to change my answer again.
Sam: Well that's OK, and I'll change my question too. “Is there any way you would not object to not going to bed with me?”
Diane: (Diane thinks for a second) Wait a minute...
(Sam chuckles at her)

One of the best seasons.

Can we have a Cheers reunion please?

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Frith? Sane?

If you love Cheers, chances are you love a relationship on the show.

Frasier and Lilith = Frith
Sam and Diane = Sane

To me...
Sam + Diane = HOTNESS!
Sam + Diane = Electrifying!

I'm a lover of both but I DEFINITELY love Sam and Diane more.

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If they can have two Growing Pains reunion movies, why can't they have one Cheers reunion?

P.S. Happy Cheers Day!