Monday, August 13, 2007

Nickelodeon won't listen

Nickelodeon recently announced that Noggin and The N would split and that The N would take the place of the Nick GAS channel. Nick GAS would then be placed on TurboNick meaning it's only available online.

I was paying attention to the rumors that Nick GAS would be a Nick Rewind channel. Something I've wanted for awhile.

I'm beginning to think that Nick doesn't want to cater to the 18-29 demographic. Thing is, we want them to cater to us. The people desperately want a Nick Rewind channel. Message boards all over the place (Nick's website, Facebook, MySpace, LJ, etc.) say they want to see classic Nickelodeon.

Don't pay attention to how poorly or how well the Nick Rewind DVDs have done. I'm pretty sure that not a lot of people even knew they existed.

Nickelodeon needs to start paying attention to us. Pretty soon (or even now), we'll be having kids, but we won't let them watch Nickelodeon. They'll be watching Disney because it's no longer a premium channel like it was in our childhood. Plus, it's starting to get more popular.

The longer they refuse to listen, the more viewers they'll lose.

Start paying attention to us Nickelodeon! We grew up with you. We were your viewers that made you #1. Appreciate us! We aren't asking to be the President of the company.

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