Monday, November 13, 2006


These are hilarious quotes from various episodes.

Thurston: The first thing you do is get a good grip, and then you address the ball.
Lovey: Hello, ball!

Vampire Gilligan: I shall swoop down upon their unsuspecting necks!
(crashing, then Gilligan climbs through the window)
Vampire Ginger: What happened?
Vampire Gilligan: I forgot to turn into a bat.

Skipper: (as Colonel Watney) Crossing the channel was devilishly slow, it was take one step and come up for air and take another step and come up for air.

Mr. Howell: I can't stand it. I can't stand it! What are we doing here? Why are we sitting around this hut? Tell me, why, why, WHY???
Skipper: Because the headhunters are out there.
Mr. Howell: I'll buy that.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Take your pick...

It's that time to choose... TV wise... silly. My vote is in bold.

Roper vs. Furley (landlord) The Ropers!
Trapper vs. BJ (Hawk's right hand man) tied
Blake vs. Potter (commanding officer) Henry Blake
Radar vs. Klinger (company clerk) Radar
Diane vs. Rebecca (which years were better?) Diane by far
Coach vs. Woody (which years were better?) tied
Sam/Diane vs. Sam/Rebecca (better for Sam?) Sam/Diane please

That's all for now.